Your main concern with bottling is that the container is airtight.  Beer bottles work wonderfully for this.  You just need crown caps and a bottle capper.   I’ve also come to prefer these plastic bottles.  They are airtight and carbonate well.  I also like that since they are flexible you can feel how carbonated the bottle is.    They are good for when you want to take your Kombucha with you on the go since they don’t look like you are drinking beer in public or at work.

Many people put their Kombucha in mason jars.  I’ve tried this and have never been satisfied.   Because of the wide opening a large scoby forms at the top.  (This happens as well with the other bottle types but since they have slim necks the scoby is much smaller).  Also they are not airtight.  I’ve done tests comparing mason jars and beer bottles with crown caps and beer bottles or the plastic ones I link to above always win.



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