I’ve read a lot about Kombucha as well as doing lots of notetaking and experiments.  Here are my notes and what I’ve found.  Feel free to comment.

Table of Contents:

1.  Getting started

2.  Fermenting time

3.  Equipment

4.  Room conditions

5.  Recipes

6.  Carbonation

7.  Bottling

8.  Filtering

9.  Flavors

***Warning****:  Please brew and consume Kombucha carefully.  Because of safety systems put into place to protect the food supply what we eat is very controlled.  Kombucha may have a negative effect on you.  It is recommended that you begin drinking Kombucha in small amounts and gradually work your way up to consuming more.  If you take care to clean and sanitize everything you use, in addition to reading as much as you can about the process and follow all instructions you should have no issues.


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