My Kombucha story

The first time I tried Kombucha (a fermented tea drink) was in Korea.  I was an English teacher at the time and selling some of my baked goods at a little market day a local English book store was having.  One of the other people there was selling homemade soaps and lotions.  She also had some of her homemade Kombucha.  I loved it.  I’ve always been a fan of all kinds of fermented foods: beer, wine, bread, kimchi, you name it.

I didn’t really think much of it after that first time for the next few months.   One day on my way from work to class I was at whole foods looking at the prepared foods.  I noticed they had a section of different drinks and I took a closer look.  I noticed some organic, raw Kombucha and remembered how good it was the last time I had had some.  I got some and it did not disappoint.

If you’ve never had Kombucha I encourage you to try it if you can get your hands on some.   Most people say that it tastes like sparkling apple cider.  It is slightly sweet, slightly tangy and a little fizzy.  It is about the color of sparkling apple cider as well.

This started something of a regular thing.  I’d go to Whole Foods, get some dinner and grab a bottle of Kombucha.  After getting several bottles of Kombucha a week for several weeks it started to become expensive.   I remembered that the woman I got it from in Korea (she was American) made her own.

I investigated ways to make it myself.  The main two options were to grow my own SCOBY from a bottle of Kombucha (I’ll explain this later) or buy my own dehydrated SCOBY (I’ll explain this in a future post as well).  I decided to go for the cheaper slower option.

The rest will be outlined on this site.

I’ve learned a lot over the past few months and can’t wait to share it!


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